Hello,visitors,welcome to my blog.You can find some program topics and users’ daily payment proofs here.So if there are no payment proofs under the topics for several days interval,you’d better not invest for current time until you see lately payment proofs.

Also,if you have good programs to be posted on my blog,you can send us an email to apply for a random username and password,so that you can login and post your programs here.But you should obey the rules below:

  • You should invest the programs which you plan to post.
  • Repeated programs shouldn’t be posted,so search before posting.
  • You should post payment proofs each week,or else your topics will be moved into “Unverified HYIP” category.
  • Payment proofs should include crypto hash id or related transaction batch numbers to prove its reality.
  • Don’t post programs whose daily net profit is higher than 10%.

Email: admin@hyiper.net